UP Invisible Memorial Tour in Mecsek

2019.10.19. 09:45
Mecsek kapu

In 2016 we celebrated the 60th anniversary of the 1956 Revolution. Mecsek Invisibles was the name of a small group of students, who continued to resist the Soviet forces after the revolution was crushed hiding in the Mecsek Mountains for months. The University of Pécs and the Sports Office pays tribute (every year) to their memory with an six-kilometre tour in the Mecsek Mountains.

The Memorial Tour is FREE! In addition the organizers will be waiting for all participants with hot food at the arrival location.

Date: 19th October
Departure: Mecsek kapu (7625 Pécs, Hunyadi János u. 87) 09:50
Arrival: Tettye square
If you took part in this event just send your application to matolcsidorottya@gmail.com (Dorottya Matolcsi)
Application deadline: 17th October 16:00 (Thursday)
Buses to Mecsek kapu (from „Főpályaudvar”): „35” (09:35 dep.) and „34” (08:35 dep.).