UP Dragonboat Regatta - 2024

2024.05.18. 09:00
Orfű, Aktív Vízitúrisztikai Központ

The Dragonboat Regatta (supplemented with the cooking competition) will be organized on September 18th by the UP Sports Office. We can accept the registration of the first 6 student and the first 6 staff teams!


Application deadline: 16th September 12:00 (Thursday). REGISTRATION BELOW -  After logging in the site

Location: Orfű Aktív Vízitúrisztikai Központ (7677 Orfű, Széchenyi tér 5-6.)

For competitors, transportation to Orfű will be provided (by the UP Sports Office) with free shuttle buses departing at 9:00 AM from Lauber Dezső Sports Hall. (During registration, the team captain must indicate how many members from the team are expected to arrive on the university bus!)

The event is FREE!


09:00 Departure of buses (Lauber Dezső Sports Hall)

10:00 Arrival, Registration
10:15.: Meeting
10:20.: Opening ceremony
10:30-14:30.: Dragonboat + Cooking competition
15:00.: Announcement of results (Dragonboat, Cooking competition)
15:00-16:00: Cleaning, Departure


Dragonboat Regatta:

- we can accept the registration of the first 12 teams!
- we are waiting for minimum 14+1(drummer)- person teams but it would be the best if you were 20+1(drummer) in every boat.
- there should be 4 girls + 1 drummer in every boat
- every boat will achieve a qualifying session and a play-off session.

Cooking competition:

Time: 10:30 – 14:30
- the dish to be prepared: goulash soup
- we provide each team with: cauldron, gas cylinder, gas burner and tripod as well as raw materials (oil, onion, poatato, sausage, 3 kg of meat)
- the organizers don’t provide spices and other ingredients. Each team has to bring them with themselves.
- extra materials are allowed
- 3 people from each team will take part in the cooking

Információ: egyetemisport@pte.hu