2020.11.30. 23:45
PTE BIG Challenge

The University of Pécs announces a sports event series for the Academic Year 2020/2021, called PTE Big Challenge. AutUmn StePs is an activity incentive, which aims to promote environmental awareness and a healthy lifestyle through online or offline exercises.

The ultimate goal in AutUmn StePs is to finish the following four levels between 10 October and 30 November:

  • Level 1: Hike, walk or run 25 km!
  • Level 2: Ride 100 km on bike or spinning bike!
  • Level 3: Exercise any way you like! Burn 1367 kcal with a maximum of 4 activity in stair climbing, dancing, or any other sport not listed in the challenge.
  • Level 4Train your brain with the our quizzes! (You should reach 50% in one of the topics and the level is done!) 

Join a diverse community and gain useful knowledge in the fields of sports, healthy living, and ecological awareness.


Our topics:

  • Green UP (Published)
  • "Centimeters-meters-kilometers" (Date of publication: 9 November)
  • "Battle of the G.O.A.T." (Date of publication: 23 November)


  • Each player has 4 minutes to fill in the questions for each topic.
  • If the time is up and the player hasn’t finished all the answers, the system will only save the answered question.
  • Players have ONE try to answer the questions in each topic.
  • Each player shall have one account. Using multiple accounts is forbidden.
  • The system is generating the order of the questions randomly.
  • Players cannot return to previous questions, thus previous answers cannot be corrected.
  • Each correct answer is worth 1 point.
  • Players can answer the questions in any order, at any time between 15 October, 9:00 and 30 November, 23:59.
  • The questions of the topics are available only after login (in the top right corner).



DEADLINE: NOVEMBER 30, 2020  (Please LOGIN to acces the topics)