UP Korfball Cup 2024

2024.03.20. 20:00
Papp Gábor (TTK) Sportcsarnok

On March 20th, the PTE Korfball Cup is being taken place for the first time. The organizers are expecting up to 8 institutional teams for this demonstration-style competition. Students, faculty communities, as well as university staff, and alumni are eligible to enter the cup.

Venue: Papp Gábor (TTK) Sports Hall (7623 Pécs, Ifjúság útja 6.)


Matches will be played on two courts for faster execution. Each team will compete against the other three teams in their respective group. Then, the top two teams from each group will proceed to the semifinals for a chance to advance to the final. The losers of the semifinals will play in the bronze medal match, and further rankings will be determined following the same principle.


  • The maximum number of teams allowed in the cup is 8.
  • After the draw, 2 groups of four teams will be created before the cup's opening.
  • Match duration will be 4x5 minutes.
  • Each team can have a maximum of 8 players per match.
  • Registration for the cup requires a minimum of 2 male and 2 female players. A team must have two male and two female players on the field simultaneously. Team size cannot drop below 4 players.
  • The winner of the cup will receive a trophy, medal, and certificate, while the second and third-place teams will be awarded with certificates and medals. Other participating teams will receive certificates.
  • The cup will follow the rules of single-pole korfball.
  • Match balls will be provided at the venue.
  • Changes to the cup's format may occur if there are fewer than 8 teams.
  • Registration: Available within the event from March 5th (below) after LOGIN.

Deadline for registration: March 19, 12:00 AM

Contact: 92b.kristof@gmail.com