IDUS/XI. Dragonboat Regatta

2019.09.20. 13:1519:00
Orfű Aktív Vízitúrisztikai Központ

The Dragonboat Regatta will be organized for the eleventh time (on SEPTEMBER 20th) by the PTE Sports Office.


13:00 Arrival, Registration
13:15.: Meeting
13:20.: Opening ceremony
13:30-17:30.: Dragonboat + Mini Golf + Cooking competition
18:00.: Announcement of results (Dragonboat, Cooking competition)
18:00-19:00: Cleaning, Departure


Dragonboat Regatta:

- we can accept the registration of the first 8 teams!
- we are waiting for minimum 14+1(drummer)- person teams but it would be the best if you were 20+1(drummer) in every boat.
- there should be 4 girls + 1 drummer in every boat
- every boat will achieve a qualifying session and a play-off session.

Cooking competition:

Time: 13:30 – 17:30
- the dish to be prepared: goulash soup
- we provide each team with: cauldron, gas cylinder, gas burner and tripod as well as raw materials (oil, onion, poatato, sausage, 3 kg of meat)
- the organizers don’t provide spices and other ingredients. Each team has to bring them with themselves.
- extra materials are allowed
- 3 people from each team will take part in the cooking

Mini Golf:
-4 people from each team will take part in the Mini Golf

Application deadline: 18th September 12:00 (Wednesday)

If you took part in this event (but don’t have a team it doesn’t matter) just send your application to (Dorottya Matolcsi)

The event is FREE!